2. Let your imagination run wild…

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    This slave gets me rock hrd every time I see him. What a perfect bod. And what a good slave. Damn. Looks perfect crucified (and probably fucked by the dildo which allows him to stay in this position).

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  7. I particularly enjoy edging my younger slaves, since their raging hormones mean they haven’t yet learned how to control their orgasms, and so they almost always violate my orders not to come, which of course provides a convenient excuse to punish them.  Not that I need an excuse to punish a slave, but I prefer to associate their behavior with the punishment, because the psychological impact of the ensuing guilt associated with having caused it’s own punishment is especially critical to breaking a straight slave.

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  8. Former bartender at the VIP lounge downtown.  He used to have the most arrogant attitude… dripping of 100% grade A pure douchiness.  Just because pussy and tits would practically throw itself at him night after night at the bar, he thought that gave him the right to shit all over his coworkers.  Eventually they got sick and tired of it, and paid me to teach him a lesson.  They thought I would just rough him up a little… you know, to scare some humility into him.  They had no idea that I run a slave trade.  Months later, every time I stop by for a cocktail, they still ask me what happened to him.  I just smile and say, “How am I supposed to know?  He disappeared before I got to him.  If he drops by sometime, let me know and I’ll teach him that lesson you paid me to.”  

    They have no idea that as we speak, my senior trainers are teaching his mangina a very important lesson… how to spread wider than he ever thought possible.  

    You should have seen the look on his face the first time we rolled the fucksaw into his line of sight.  He practically had a seizure!  We had to anesthetize him for his own safety… struggling as violently as he was, he almost dislocated his own shoulder in his bonds!

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    shut the fuck up…I want your tight hole.

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    What do you mean? This IS light bondage. I’ve got a suit of armour over there if you want anything heavier. It locks from the outside and everything.

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    The boi hauled up by its arms to get ready for some more whipping

    Master Walter

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    Another Master enforcing His will upon My boi

    Master Walter