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    Following the capture of the rebels’ strongest city there’s a flood of strong young men ready for enslavement.  They’re all fighters, though, and so need to be guarded carefully until they can be “broken” into obedient slaves.

    The first step is to strip them completely - the loss of their uniforms, “dog tags”, and cherished things like lockets with pictures of their families in them is the start of this process.  Even so there’s potential danger, so the guards watch very, very carefully, ready to strike back with their clubs at the first sign of disobedience.

    Most of these men will only finally accept that their lives have changed for ever when they lose their foreskins, and receive their slave brand on their flanks.

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    When he stepped down from the auction block this slave was been told that he has been bought by his new owner for use as a pony, and that he wasn’t going to go to his new home immediately as a set of modifications had been ordered for him.  After waiting for some hours in the cells at the auction house (they didn’t give him any clothes as he was no longer their responsibility and his new owner hadn’t specified any), he began to feel that helplessness that overcomes all newly-enslaved men.  He knew it wasn’t even worth protesting when he was chained and bundled with three other guys into an already crowded shipper’s van - he’s never been in such intimate contact with other naked male bodies before, and in the sweaty darkness once the doors were forced closed he hated the feel of the bodies pressed against his, and felt the humiliation as his erection (like most men he got these when traveling) pressed against the thighs and butts of others as he struggled to keep his balance as the van swayed around corners.

    It was a long journey, with frequent stops to unload slaves and take on others, and eventually he had to do what others had been doing, and he could feel his stream of piss hitting other bodies and trickling down on to his own feet - there seemed to be some perforations in the van floor so it ran away, but he understood better now why there was that smell of urinals in the van.

    Eventually he was unloaded - it was one of those nondescript small industrial complexes found on the outskirts of most small towns - and he saw he was being pushed into a single story building with a sign saying “Veterinarian - Treatment & Hospital For Sick Slaves”.  The receptionist in the nicely furnished reception area didn’t seem at all concerned at his nakedness (although he was!) as she checked the paperwork from the van driver against the temporary tag on his collar, then pressed a button which bought a guard in through the rear door.

    He was told by the guard to “be a good boy if you want to avoid a prodding” as the man waved a standard electric goad near his naked flesh, then was led by him through the door from reception to the rear, where condition were very different:  concrete floors, block walls, and simple barred cells, some of which contained other slaves who were sitting or lying on the bare floors of their cells bandaged or with medical drips attached to them.  There was a faint sound of subdued and hopeless sobbing, and somewhere from the back he could hear a baby wailing. The guard muttered “fucking maternity cells”, and then in a louder voice “Keep the noise down!”.

    He was bundled into a cell and left, but not for long.  A white-coated man peered in at him and said, in a not unkindly tone, “We’ll soon be done with you - nothing to worry about:  your owner is letting you keep your balls as he likes his ponies to be virile!  So we’ll just  be doing some simple stuff - you need to lose a couple of back teeth so the bit can settle down nicely as you work, you’re going to be ‘skinned as like most ponies your owner wants to be able to see all of your cock, then there’s nipple and snout rings, and a permanent genital cinch.  We’re licensed to carry out branding here too, and that will hurt a bit - but you’ll be a bit more tolerant by then as your owner has decided not to pay or anaesthetic for any of this other stuff”.  He turned and barked some orders at a slave who was accompanying him, then walked off to inspect a slave in the next row.

    The slave soon returned and set a tray of fearsome looking instruments down outside his cell.  “Don’t worry…. too much”, he whispered.  “The vet is a pretty good guy and he tries to keep pain to a minimum.  And he’s a fast worker, so it won’t be prolonged when he’s operating.  And afterwards I’ll slip you a couple of aspirin.”

    So the slave waits, and wonders which of the items outside wil lbe used on him!

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    When a new slave has been bought and the ritual of taking its cherry is to happen all this elaborate roping of the slave to the fucking bench is perfectly unnecessary.  

    All that is needed is a simple bench with four easy to open and easy to close manacles to hold the slave’s wrists and ankles to the four legs - a perfect example of this is in our posting of 11 April (called “Dual Purpose” for those using Google search).

    Compared to this simple, easy to use bench,  the arrangement shown here:
    1. Is very time consuming.  If you’ve bought several slaves, or if on a farm or in a factory a whole consignment has arrived, it simply takes much too long to tie and untie each slave like this.
    2. Secures the slave too tightly to the bench so it is totally unable to move. When the owner’s cock (or that of the overseer or manager in the case of large holdings) touches its ass the salve can only react by screaming.  It feel totally helpless and utterly powerless and so the effect of being used is somewhat lessened as its brain tells it that there’s nothing it can do.  With the simpler four fastenings in the other example however the slave’s body has a lot of movement (whilst still being unable to escape).  So as it feels the cock it will start to writhe, thrash around and buck, and do everything it can to prevent entry. It will still be unable to prevent entry but now its brain is telling it that in spite of all its efforts it is defeated and useless, so helping to reinforce its enslavement.

    This securing to allow writhing and thrashing around is very popular in rural communities and is known colloquially as a “buckaroo”.  Buckaroo parties are often held following sales where several buyers get together to take their purchases’ cherries, to foster a sense of community and general merriment.

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    Although it’s not necessary as one of the advantages of human ponies is that they can understand orders and make their way to destinations selected by their owner, some owners prefer to actually drive their ponies as if they were dumb beasts.  These ponies have elaborate harnesses, possibly blinkers so that their eyes are focused straight ahead, and of course a bridle and bit to which the driving reins can be attached so that the owner can guide the slave.

    The human mouth is not well designed to take a bit, and so it’s necessary to pull out the back teeth to accommodate it.  This pony has already heard the screams of agony as the pincers were used to pull them out from the previous pony, and so he’s still struggling even though he’s been securely fastened into the chair.

    The technicians are using a fairly standard bit to assess how many teeth the slave needs to loose - most owners want the bit very well back in the mouth so that when it’s working the slave’s spit falls out of the corners, making an attractive “drool” to add to the sweat on its hide. It also prevents the slave from making intelligible human sounds, so further emphasising its status as an animal.

    It’s not normal to use anaesthetic for this simple pulling of the teeth because for that a doctor is required, at additional expense. The ASPCS managed to get a law passed that requires all such “medical” procedures to be carried out by trained medics, and the law of unintended consequences now means that slaves now suffer when previously the technicians might simply have injected the slave with a pain killer.

    Unfortunately for the slave its owner has also ordered a ‘skinning (circumcision) for the slave, which is why he has been strapped in this position.  The pain from that will cause him some distraction from that in his jaws! 

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