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    haha … making the faggot look like a fool

    Such a wickedly entertaining idea… must keep this in mind for a party game next time I have a few guests over…

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    And the best part is there’s a 15” double-headed dildo stuffed into their asses! If either of them wants to earn their freedom from the mummifying wrap, all they have to do is work together and find a way to bring themselves to climax… a rather humiliating challenge for two captive straight boys don’t ya think?

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  8. Love the anticipation.  A work of art.

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    Restrained and Toyed Up, Chastity, muzzled, buttplug, and no way out

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  11. Welcome to your new life.

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  12. Testicular anchoring helps a captive understand its new role as nothing more than an animal.

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  13. We’ve standardized our piercing process for the induction of all slaves.  Total immobilization is critical to prevent accidental damage to the newly acquired and highly resistant property.  Some handlers prefer to knock out their captives with general anesthesia to make it easier, but I prefer my captives to be awake during the piercing process because I find that it “breaks” them sooner.

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  14. This slave hesitated for one one-thousandth of a second before following an order.

    Punishment time.

    He needs to be anticipating orders before they’re given.

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